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Ryan Hersh

“RiseOak helped us create SEO-driven article and backlinks. They’re very thorough in the planning and execution stages and very friendly. I highly recommend.”

Ryan Hersh, Director of Digital Marketing, SEO at MicroStrategy

“Working with Prasanna has been a great experience, he is not only very knowledgeable in his field (SEO) but well-organized, detail oriented and very transparent with his process. Within just a few months, Prasanna managed to get us on “Page 1″ of Google for a search term that is very difficult to rank for – highly recommend Prasanna and his abilities!”

Holly Dowden, Vice President of Marketing at Ntiva

James Kanka

“Easy to work with, provides lots of value, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Highly recommend.”

James Kanka, Marketing Director at Relatient

“I worked with Prasanna and his team on a creating a new website for my company that featured a very complicated back-end integration where the website connected to our internal production system that uses a series of databases to store customer data, and is used to create estimates and work orders.

This project was by no means easy as there was a lot of complicated integration layers to make it work, but Prasanna and his team was able to do it and ultimately created a platform that we hope to build upon and continue to expand on in the future now that this integration has been established. Thank you Prasanna and team.”

Jeremy Hess, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gasch Printing

Use Baltimore SEO Services you can trust to dominate your competition in and around Baltimore by getting loads of customers through the Internet

Are you tired of dealing with so-called Internet marketers that do not produce results? Do you need to reach out to customers through the Internet but not sure how to do this effectively?  Do you want to make sure you are hiring the best Baltimore SEO services provider? Well, read on, and I will explain …

What is placing FREE ads on the Internet and how can a Baltimore SEO company help you with this?

Most people use an Internet search engine such as Google to find and research goods and service providers.  The phrase a person types into a Search Engine is called a keyword.  The results on a page that the Search Engine provides for a keyword is called the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  A Baltimore Search Engine Optimization expert can help your business’s website and other social media sites come up on top of the SERPs for keywords that are relevant to your business.  This approach will ensure that someone searching for your product or service on the Internet will find and contact your firm as opposed to your competition.  Making your website appear on top of SERPs that are relevant for your business is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or what we call placing FREE ads on the Internet.

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Why is it useful?

One of the main advantages of placing FREE ads on the Internet is that you are marketing to people who are looking for your product or service. In other forms of marketing such as radio, TV, print, flyers and banners, you do not know if the people you are reaching are interested in your product or service. You have to guess that a certain percentage of individuals that you contact will eventually want your product or service and remember your advertisement and reach out to you. But in SEO, you are targeting only people who are searching for your product or service on the Internet. Therefore, it is easy to get these people’s attention and convert them into paying customers.

Another reason for SEO is that most people only consider the first few results of a SERP for their query. A Baltimore Search Engine Optimization expert can get your website rank high in search engines for relevant keywords for your business so that potential Internet customers find your business and disregard your competition.

In most cases, you will be able to reach a large potential customer base by placing FREE ads on the Internet that you can not reach through traditional advertising. You get this reach because most people these days rely on the Internet to research their purchase decisions. This trend is increasing as more and more people are getting access to and depending on the Internet for their day to day life.

You can often get a better Return On Investment (ROI) by placing FREE ads on the Internet. There are two reasons for this. One is because SEO is cheaper than most other forms of advertising like TV, Radio, print and paid Internet advertising. The other reason is that SEO has a snowballing effect as you continue to invest in FREE ads consistently.

Also, keep in mind that most of your competition is probably already working with a Baltimore SEO agency.  The more you delay, the more you will lose potential customers to this competition.

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What exactly do we do?

When you decide to work with us as your Baltimore SEO agency, the first thing we do is to understand your business and typical customer profile. Based on this understanding we will research and come up with a list of keywords that your potential customers will use to find your product or service online. We will further analyze these keywords and shortlist of a set of keywords to target for Search Engine Optimization.

Once we finalize the keywords for your site, we need to optimize your site to rank well for these keywords. This optimization is known as on-page SEO. On-page SEO is done initially at the start of the project and not modified frequently. The reason to alter on-page SEO is in situations such as if there is a major update by Google to its search algorithms.

After completing on-page SEO, we will build authority or power to your sites on an ongoing basis. This process is called off-page SEO. There are several aspects of off-page SEO. We create relevant and authoritative links to your site from other websites. We add relevant content on your site that increases the value to potential customers while being optimized for getting more search engine traffic. Also, we create a social media presence for your business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy targets the Google Search Engine. We take this approach because practically all of the Internet searches these days are done on Google. Also, getting your site to rank well on Google will help your site with other search engines.

Why work with us as your Baltimore SEO company?

Our philosophy is to add value to the Internet on relevant topics to your business through your website and social media presence in a manner that search engines like. This approach naturally results in search engines giving high-rankings to your site for relevant keywords. Our approach goes beyond ‘white hat SEO’ that only uses safe methods for SEO with no danger of been penalized by search engines. In addition to following ‘white hat SEO’ techniques, we follow the best practices that are at the foundation of the Internet such as World Wide Web Consortium (https://www.w3.org/), Schema.org (http://schema.org/) and The Open Graph Protocols (http://ogp.me/).

Google recognized us as a Google Partner. This partnership means that Google has given us their stamp of approval that we know the latest techniques to work with the Google search engine.

We are part of an SEO Mastermind that consists of some of the best practitioners in the world. Through this Mastermind, we get to know and use the latest techniques that are working now for placing FREE ads on the Internet.

Take the first step towards getting more customers through the Internet

Fill out the discovery form above to grow your business by leaps and bounds by generating ready to buy leads through the Internet.

What to expect

Getting your site to rank well for competitive keywords takes time. In most cases, it will take several months before you can expect your site to rank towards the top of the first page of SERPs for competitive keywords that are relevant to your business.

The cost of doing Search Engine Optimization work for your site depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and the number of keywords that we target.

We provide you with ongoing detailed reports so that you can monitor your SEO campaign closely.

Take the first step towards getting more customers through the Internet

Fill out the discovery form above to grow your business by leaps and bounds by generating ready to buy leads through the Internet.

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