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Help business reach their full potential by getting them in front of prospects looking for their products or services on search engines like Google.

Why the name RiseOak

Oak Tree symbol for RiseOak

We chose the name RiseOak for our company as we stand for massive growth built on a solid foundation like a rising Oak tree. The Oak tree starts from a tiny plant and grows into a gigantic tree. This growth is stable, and these trees last for thousands of years. Similarly, at RiseOak we create massive growth built on a solid long-lasting foundation.


Prasanna Perera Managing Partner RiseOak

Prasanna Perera is the Managing Partner at RiseOak. He has extensive experience and expertise in online marketing and the IT industry for over 18 years. He consults with some of the largest companies in the USA such as Cisco and MicroStrategy with regards to their digital marketing and specially Search Engine Optimization. He is sought after by large agencies for his expertise in SEO.

Prasanna has four patents in his name. He has an MBA in General Business and an MSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University, USA, and a BA in Computer Science from the Colby College, USA.