Why the name RiseOak?

Oak Tree symbol for RiseOak

We chose the name RiseOak for our company as we stand for massive growth built on a solid foundation like a rising Oak tree.  The Oak tree starts from a tiny plant and grows into a gigantic tree.  This growth is stable, and these trees last for thousands of years.  Similarly, at RiseOak we create massive growth built on a solid long lasting foundation.

Where we are located

Columbia Maryland USA

We are proud to be located in the beautiful city of Columbia, MD, USA.  The local government has recognized us for contributing to the local community.

Our commitment

We love what we do here at RiseOak. We know that one of the essential components of enjoying our work is knowing that we are making a significant contribution to our clients and having a close relationship with them. Therefore when we decide to work with you, we make sure:

  • Your business is a good fit for RiseOak to add exceptional long-term value.
  • We provide you with clear expectations and excellent communication.
  • We work very hard to make sure that we add value to your business that is at least ten times your investment.


Prasanna Perera, Managing Partner at RiseOak

Prasanna Perera is the Managing Partner at RiseOak. He has extensive experience and expertise in online marketing and the IT industry for over 18 years. He consults with some of the largest companies in the USA such as Cisco and MicroStrategy with regards to their digital marketing.

Prasanna has four patents in his name. He has an MBA in General Business and an MSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University, USA, and a BA in Computer Science from the Colby College, USA.