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We reached out to RiseOak to build our brand and our website. Our experience working with RiseOak was unbelievable, they were extremely professional and far exceeded our expectation. RiseOak delivered a fantastic website, much better than expected. They delivered it quickly and they produced a fantastic product and I honestly could not expect more. I would absolutely work with RiseOak again and recommend them for anyone looking for website services.

Brian C. Lewis, BKZ Insurance Grou

It has been a pleasure working with Prasanna and his team. They did such a great job creating our app that when it needed an update due to changing company needs we felt confident they could deliver.  They provided excellent guidance for how to best update our app to fit our new demands and was very responsive in all communications. The update has exceeded my expectations and delivers on all the points that they knew were important to our company.

Stephanie McNichol, Zoetis Inc

I worked with Prasanna and his team on a creating a new website for my company that featured a very complicated back-end integration where the website connected to our internal production system that uses a series of databases to store customer data and is used to create estimates and work orders. With this new website connecting to our customized internal production system, they were able to create a way for customers to automatically create estimates in our system and customized work orders. This saves us a lot of time and is a more accurate way of doing these processes.
This project was by no means easy as there was a lot of complicated integration layers to make it work, but Prasanna and his team was able to do it and ultimately created a platform that we hope to build upon and continue to expand on in the future now that this integration has been established. Thank you, Prasanna and team.

Jeremy Hess, Gasch Printing

Prasanna and his team are a top-notch solutions provider with the ability to move an idea to a product.  They have been essential in helping me deliver data in an easy, user-friendly way to my clients.

Patty David, AARP

I have contracted Prasanna and his team to design my department’s first app. Being in a highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, they have been very accommodating and responsive to the multiple changes that have occurred as a result of our internal review process. In addition to being responsive to needs, their work is top-notch, designing a product that is visually pleasing. It has been a pleasure working with them as they are truly customer focused and realize that they succeed when their clients succeed. They are dedicated to putting out a good product. They are professional, easy to work with, accommodating, and change agile – I would highly recommend them.

Stephanie Simms, Zoetis Inc

I had the good fortune to work with Prasanna and his team on a mobile application for a very important client. The project was difficult because we were working with all business contacts, so communication and flexibility were key. Prasanna and his team handled it all with ease. Changes we made after we discussed “goals of changes” and “vision” to ensure the technology, design, goals and use cases all lined up. Rarely have I seen anyone in an IT or Project management position be able to merge and control the technologies and client visions into such a successful conclusion. It is even rarer that I’ve been assured that everyone was on the same page all the time and that all goals/times would be met or exceeded.

Richard Scarbath, Genesys

We are working with RiseOak’s remote software team to augment our in-house team. RiseOak has worked closely with us to make sure that we get good quality developers that have not only strong technical skills but also have good communication skills and the right attitude to be part of our team. When our resource requirements changed, RiseOak had the flexibility to make quick changes to our team which was important to us.

Derrick Harris, Velaro

Prasanna and his team helped on an Android project. They are experts and jumped in right away. Their code was well written and pretty much bug-free on the first time. They are thoughtful and makes sure that they understand everything before coding making their deliverables solid and well architected.

Ken Fang, Mobomo

We contracted RiseOak to build our iOS and Android mobile apps.  Working with RiseOak was great.  There were daily check-ins, and there was never a feeling of not knowing what was going on.  All of our issues were dealt with immediately, and their app work was great.  I would be absolutely willing to work with RiseOak again for mobile projects.  They delivered expert work, and we will definitely recommend them to other companies that have similar needs.

Eric Warth, Velaro

How would you like to work with a Columbia SEO company to double your customers using FREE Internet adds?

Need to use the Internet to get more customers but not sure how to proceed? Had a bad experience with an Internet marketing company in the past and do not know whom to trust? Well, rest assured that as a Columbia SEO company we can help you dominate your competition in any market in the US by getting you loads of ready to buy customers online.

As a Columbia SEO agency how we can help you

Most of your potential customers use the Internet to find and research goods and services before they buy. Wouldn’t it be great if your business was one of the first prominent entities that these potential customers come across, again and again, when they are doing their research? Well, we help you target these potential clients by making your website and other social media sites appear towards the top of the relevant search results on Google. This form of advertising on the Internet is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or what we like to call placing FREE ads on the Internet.

Strategy for RiseOak a Columbia SEO Company

 Why is placing FREE ads on the Internet one of the best forms of advertising?

For most business, there is a significant number of potential customers searching for the product or service they offer on the Internet. If you are not targeting these potential clients, you are keeping much business on the table.

Unlike other forms of advertising like print, radio, and TV, the people you target by placing FREE ads on the Internet are only people that are interested in your product or service, and are actively searching for it. Therefore, getting the attention of these people and converting them into paying customers is much easier than using other traditional forms of advertising.

Placing FREE ads on the Internet is less costly in most cases compared to other forms of advertising. SEO also has a snowballing effect where the visibility of your website and social media presence becomes more and more powerful as you continue to invest in this form of advertising. Therefore, your Return On Investment (ROI) when using SEO is often much higher than other types of advertising.

Also, keep in mind that it is likely that your competition is already doing SEO.  If you do not start to place FREE ads on the Internet you will lose customers to this competition.

Start to take laps around your competition and get loads of new customers through the Internet

Fill out the get started form to apply for a consultation to see if we are a good fit as your Columbia SEO agency before it is too late!

What exactly do we do?

When you decide to work with us as your Columbia Search Engine Optimization Company, the first thing we do is to understand your business and goals for getting more customers. We then look at your competition and come up with a strategy that makes sense for your unique situation.

The phrases people use to search for things on Internet Search Engines are called keywords. The listings an Internet Search Engine brings up for a keyword query make up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Our strategy will focus on making your website and social media presence appear towards the top of SERPs for keywords that are relevant to your business.  This approach ensures that when people are looking for your product or service on the Internet, they come across your sites.

The first step towards getting your website rank high is to perform on-page optimization. During this optimization, we make changes to your site so that it has all the right building blocks and is finely tuned to rank high for relevant keywords. We do this process at the start of the SEO campaign, and it is usually not changed again. The reason to change on-page optimization would be in situations such as when there is a significant shift in the Google search engine algorithms.

After on-page optimization, we work on off-page optimization. Off-page optimization is an ongoing task and consists of several aspects. We build authority or power to your site by getting links from other relevant and prominent sites. We create high quality and relevant content on your site that adds value to your visitors and ranks well on search engines.  Also, we create a solid presence for your business on prominent social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

How we are different from other SEO companies and why work with us?

We do not take any shortcuts in what we do. Our philosophy is to add value to the Internet in a manner that Google likes. This approach naturally results in Google showing your website and other Intenet sites towards the top when people search for your product or service.

We follow white hat SEO techniques which mean that our sites do not get penalized by search engines. We go even further to get your site favored by Google and social media sites by following standards such as World Wide Web Consortium (https://www.w3.org/), Schema.org (http://schema.org/) and The Open Graph Protocols (http://ogp.me/) that are at the foundation of the Internet.

We are part of a mastermind group consisting of some of the world’s best SEO practitioners. Through this involvement, we can understand and use the latest and most efficient SEO techniques to give you an edge over your competition.

What to expect

An effective placing FREE ads on the Internet campaign in a competitive niche takes several months to see significant results. It takes some time to build sufficient authority or power to your website and social media sites for Google to take note and show your sites to potential customers ahead of your competition.

We provide you with frequent and ongoing reports so that you can get a good understanding of the work we do.

The cost of your SEO campaign will depend on your niche and the keywords we target.

Start to take laps around your competition and get loads of new customers through the Internet

Fill out the get started form to apply for a consultation to see if we are a good fit as your Columbia SEO services provider before it is too late!